Jak jednoduše nakoupit kryptoměny (třeba Bitcoin), pro anonymní casina

How to easily buy cryptocurrencies (such as Bitcoin) for anonymous casinos


If you want to buy cryptocurrencies for anonymous casinos easily and quickly, then the fastest option is via bank card and without verification. This is the ideal way how I imagine the purchase of cryptocurrencies. However, I still have not found an exchange which would allow me to buy with a card and without verification.

That is the reason why you have to decide whether you prefer a fast purchase or anonymity. I have selected two popular exchanges and will leave the choice to you.

1. Simplecoin Exchange – anonymously

Simplecoin is a very intuitive exchange and buying cryptocurrencies is very easy. It is an exchange which has been running smoothly already since 2013. The fact that it has been operating for such a long time gives the company considerable confidence.

The main advantage is that it offers the purchase of cryptocurrencies up to the amount of 200 EUR in 10 days without verification, that means anonymously. It doesn’t offer card payment which is why the purchase of Bitcoin, for example, will take approximately 1 to 2 days.

Basic information

  • Card payment: NO
  • Bank transfer: YES
  • Anonymous purchase: YES up to 200 EUR in 10 days
  • Fee: 3%

How to buy anonymously?

Enter the amount you would like to purchase for instance Bitcoin. In the BTC field, you will see the amount of Bitcoin you will buy. Then enter your email for payment instructions (bank account to which you will send the amount).

Next, enter the Bitcoin address which you will copy from the anonymous casino (for example 1xbit casino, or Bitcoin casino) after you have topped your account. When your money reaches Coinbase, which you will be informed about, then they will send the purchased Bitcoin precisely to this address.

Vklad krypto casino

Within 1 or 2 days you will have Bitcoins on your casino account and you can start playing with Bitcoins anonymously without verification.

How to sell anonymously?

Enter how much Bitcoin you want to sell, then watch out the 200 EUR limit in 10 days, otherwise, you will have to go through verification. In the right box, tick currency in which you wish to withdraw money. Enter the email address and a bank account to which the money should be subscribed.

Via email, you will receive a Bitcoin address to which you will send Bitcoins you have previously entered. Simply copy the Bitcoin address under QR code from the email and paste it to the casino (once again, for example, 1xbet casino, or Bitcoin casino) into the Bitcoin selection box (the address of cryptocurrency wallet) and confirm.


In an hour you will get another email confirming the received payment and money sent to the selected bank account.

2. Coinbase exchange – by card

Coinbase is an American company that allows the sale and purchase of several cryptocurrencies for fiat money (dollars and euros). The company reached more than 25 million users at the end of 2018 and is very popular and important for beginners to the cryptocurrency world.

The advantage of this exchange is that you can buy for instance Bitcoin via a bank card in a few minutes. The disadvantage are higher charges, compared to a bank transfer and that you have to go through verification.

Směnárna Coinbase

Basic information

  • Card payment: YES (fee 3.99%)
  • Bank transfer: YES
  • Anonymous purchase: NO
  • Fee: 1.49%

How to buy with a card?

In order to verify your card, you will have to scan your documents. After the confirmation, you can start buying.

  1. Create an account
  2. Go to the ‘Setting’ – ‘Payment Methods’ and click on ‘add payment method’
  3. Choose ‘credit/debit card’
  4. Insert the information about your card
  5. After the confirmation, you can go to ‘buy/sell’ and buy Bitcoins
  6. Bitcoins will appear in the waller at Coinbase

Now you have bought Bitcoin which you can send to the account of your online casino in the same way as we have described above. More precisely, go to the Accounts menu, Bitcoin wallet and Send. There will be a pop-up window where you will put the Bitcoin address from your casino and confirm.

Where to keep cryptocurrencies safely?
If you want to have your cryptocurrencies (private keys) as secure as possible, get a TREZOR hardware wallet that is the size of a flash drive and you will guard your treasure in the fortress.

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