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Nowadays, hardly anyone does not know what the casino Poker game is. It is one of the most popular card games in the world, popular with almost every passionate player. While not everyone knows the exact rules of this card game, most people use the phrase ‘Poker face’, which has reached even those who do not play Poker and still use this comparison in their daily lives. The game is in a great deal about fooling your teammates and bluffing them. Of course, only if you are not playing online Poker where others actually do not see your face. Are you interested in this card game more? So, take a bit closer look.

We should emphasise that Poker is not a classic casino game, such as slot machines, where the outcome depends primarily on chance. You may need luck in this card game as well, but much more depends on strategies and tactics. If you have never played Poker, you do not have to worry because the basic rules of poker are straightforward.

Surely you cannot do without these things:

  • You need to know the betting ratio and know how to improve the combinations
  • You must follow certain principles when making decisions and betting
  • You must always watch the game and your opponent carefully

Variants of Poker

As already mentioned, Poker is one of the most popular card games in the world, so it is no wonder that many variations have arisen. All types of Poker come from two basic forms: Five-Card Stud Poker and Draw Poker. What is the difference between them?

In Stud Poker, one or two cards are handed with face down, hidden from the eyes of other opponents, and the other cards are handing face up, or these cards can be even common for all players (community cards). You should remember that before handing any other card, players can bet. The most famous Stud Poker is Texas Hold’em Poker which has become the most popular of all Pokers.

In Draw Poker, the cards are handed with the face down, hidden from other players’ eyes and some cards, sometimes even all, can be exchanged for new (deferred).

The most popular kinds of Poker

Texas Hold’em

This is the best known and most popular variant of Poker that even every beginner will love. The betting limit is up to the pot and is played without any betting restrictions. We definitely recommend trying it. There are a lot of tournaments not only in the classic but especially in online casinos, where it is much easier to win the money you desire so much.

Omaha High

Omaha High is very popular in Europe, perhaps because it is similar to Texas Hold’em Poker. The only difference is in handling cards. Only four cards are handed to the player, and two own cards + 3 common cards that are on the table must always form a combination.

There is also a variant called Omaha Hi Lo, which is also very popular in Europe and offers options of limit, no limit and pot limit.

Seven Card Stud

This game card used to be the most popular Poker in the world, but later Texas Hold’em has taken its place. Despite that, the players like coming back to this casino game.

Razz or 7 Card Stud Low

If you feel that you are not lucky in handing cards, try the Razz card game. In this version of Poker, you can be sure that even if you get the worst card combinations, you can change everything and win.

Triple Stud

If you like the variants of Stud Poker, then this game is exactly for you. It is a combination of the games Stud High, Stud Hi Lo and Razz.

Five Card Draw

This card game will take you to the times when Poker was still a baby. The game has straightforward rules, and it is suitable for beginners.

The Poker card combinations

The card combinations which you should learn are essential in Poker. The more you play Poker, the faster you will remember them. Below you can find an overview of card poker combinations from the weakest (High Card) to the strongest (Royal Flush).

High Card

You have no combination, which is why the highest card decides.

One Pair (Pair)

You have a combination of two cards of the same value.

Two Pairs

You have a combination of two different pairs of cards.

Three of a Kind (Triple)

You have three cards of the same value.


You have a straight – consecutive cards of different suits.


You have any five cards of the same colour.

Full House

You have a combination of two cards of the same value and three cards of equal value.

Poker / Four of a Kind

You have a combination of four cards of the same value.

Straight Flush

You have any straight of the same colour.

Royal Flush

You have 10, J, Q, K, A in the same colour (the highest straight).

In a game, there is often a situation where players have the same card combination. For example, two players have a Flush. How are these situations handled? Simply follow other rules:

Higher card: Similar to flush – a higher card runs over the lower.
Two pairs: The higher pair decides, the second pair does not matter.
Colour: All colours have the same value; the highest card decides.
Full House: It depends on the value of the triad. The pair has no decisive influence.
Fours: It depends on the strength of the fours value. Who has a stronger four, he wins.
Straights: The strength of the straight depends on the value of the cards that make up the straight.

The basic terms of Poker

If you are playing Poker for the first time, the basic concepts of Poker will be fundamental to you. Below you will become acquainted with the most important ones, without which you really cannot do.


This is a basic bet. Before the game begins, players deposit it into the pot.


It is the first bet. In case if you do not insert the first bet, then you have other options. You can check, pass or fold your cards.


In case you ‘check’, you will stand and pass the game to the next player by the table who has the same options. He/She can check, call or raise the bet.


This means to call the bet. If any player has raised or opened the bet.


It is betting, more precisely an increase of the previous bet.


If a player chooses this option, he/she gives up. He/she does this by discarding his/her cards.


This is a situation when a player is standing in the first round and raises a bet only when there are bets on the table.

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