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The basic rules of Roulette


Would you like to start playing Roulette online, but you don’t know much about it yet? Let us introduce you to the most important things you should know from the beginning. After reading basic information and rules, we recommend you to try online Roulette several times for free in a demo version. Once you are sure about knowing the online Roulette, you can try your luck in the game for real money!


Division of the playing wheel

The name Roulette comes from the French word “roulette”, which means “small wheel”. It is a rotating device consisting of 2 concentric wheels of different dimensions. The first, larger wheel is still and the second, rotating smaller wheel is divided into 37 (for French roulette) or 38 (for American roulette) numbers. These numbers are in different colours – in black and red, zeros are green. The croupier releases the ball onto a larger stationary wheel against the rotation of the smaller wheel, and it is furiously going around. After a while, the ball stops in the numbered smaller part of the wheel. Now we know the winners and the losers!

Do you know the difference between the French and American roulette? It is simple! We will find the difference, especially in the division of playing wheel. The French roulette has got the smaller rotating wheel divided into 36 parts + one zero (0), together it is 37 parts. The American roulette has got the playing wheel divided into 37 parts + two zeros (00), together it is 38 parts.

Rule of the game and betting options

The goal of every online player who decides to play the online Roulette is to guess the winning number correctly. Which one is it? The winning number is the number, which the ball stops at when the croupier releases the ball into the playing wheel. You can bet not only on the number but also on colour. Let’s look at it together!

In the game, a roulette table with a gaming canvas for players is used. In the case of the French roulette, we can find 37 numbers from 0 to 36 in 12 rows and three columns on the canvas.

There are two areas for betting on the canvas – inside and outside. The space for inside bets can be used for betting on individual numbers, for example, 0 to 36 (French roulette). On the other hand, outside bets can be used for combined bets. In practice, this means that we can bet on colour and numbers, or on the column of twelve numbers. In Roulette online casino, the outside bets are usually preset, so you only need to select one of them.

If you bet chips in the Roulette, you have to understand that there are different pay rates for each bet. In the beginning, the table below will help you to make your gaming easier, and you will find the essential information on betting there. Good luck!

Bet Payout ratio Chip placement Quantity of numbers
On number 35:1 On the numeric field from 0 to 36 (French roulette) 1
Divided bet 17:1 A grid separating two adjacent numbers 2
Corner bet 8:1 In the corner of the grid, where four numbers neighbour 4
Line Betting 11:1 The outer grid on the edge of a horizontal row of 3 numbers 3
On six numbers 5:1 At the intersection of 2 horizontal lines of three numbers, at the outer boundary line 6
Dozen 2:1 Marked fields, for example P12 (1-12), M12 (13- 24), D12 (25-36).. 12
On column 2:1 In the specified field, under any vertical row of 12 numbers 12
Red numbers 1:1 In the specified field marked with the red diamond 18
Black numbers 1:1 In the specified field marked with the black diamond 18
(even numbers)
1:1 In the specified field marked with words “Pair” or “Even” 18
(odd numbers)
1:1 In the specified field marked with words “Impair” or “Odd” 18
(low numbers)
1:1 In the field marked as “Passe” or “19 to 36”. 18
(high numbers)
1:1 In the field marked as „Manque“ or „1 to 18“. 18

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