Online casino bonuses and rewards

Online casino bonuses and rewards

In the past, online casinos used to offer bonuses under rigorous conditions, making it almost impossible for players to reach their win. It was just about attracting new players who had been cheated on in a not very nice way.

But today things have changed for the better! There are new online casinos every day which makes the competition to grow. Therefore, each online casino tries to make the best impression on online players. That is why online casinos attempt to offer very tempting bonuses and rewards under fair rewind conditions. We can frankly say that contemporary bonus offers are convenient for the players. Even though, you should always read the terms and conditions of the offered bonuses. Don’t forget to get updated on what kind of bonuses an online casino is offering at the moment. You can make use of our updated list of bonuses of the best online casinos!

How the online casino bonuses work

We can define a bonus as a form of reward which you can get under various conditions. Online casinos will offer you bonuses for registration, first deposits or for betting the real money. Most often they attract online players to the enticing entry bonuses which they offer in entry packages. There are many forms of bonuses, usually bonus money which act like real money. You can use it as your own money, but in case of a win, you can deposit them to your account only under certain conditions.

The most famous types of bonuses

There are many bonuses offered by online casinos, which is why we will mention only the most basic ones:

It is a very attractive bonus. As the name implies, a player does not have to insert a penny, and he/she will get a free reward. You will get this bonus most often for registration in an online casino.

  • Bonuses for deposits

Bonuses for deposit are used by online casinos to make the players transfer money to their player accounts. In case you make the transfer, you will be given bonus money. Each online casino offers a different per cent for a deposit, most often it is 100 to 300%.

  • Free Spins

You can get free spins in different situations. Online casinos offer them not only as candy when setting up an account but also as a bonus to various online casino games. Instead of free money, you will receive free spins to the online slot machines. Be especially careful about the conditions you have to fulfil to cash out the money when using free spins.

  • Cashback

Cashback means that an online casino will give you back some of the money you have lost. Actually, it is a second chance thanks to which a hazardous game will get longer. We will illustrate using an example. Imagine that you are playing your favourite game and you lose your deposit. Under normal circumstances, you are done playing. However, in case of the cashback bonus, you will get some of your money back, and you will continue playing with a smile on. However, the conditions of this bonus are often very strict.

  • Loyalty programs

Online casinos offer its players loyalty or VIP program to keep them playing as long as possible. The entry bonuses are outstanding when attracting the players, but online casinos need the players to come back. That is how the VIP program started. Each casino adjusts the VIP program. Some offer VIP clubs with various benefits and loyalty levels, others provide a point system.

Thanks to the loyalty program you can get:

  • Exclusive rewards only for you
  • Much faster money withdrawals
  • Exotic tours or competitions
  • Better bonus terms
  • VIP customer support and much more

Bonus conditions

You should not underestimate the bonus terms. Before getting excited about having earned a tempting bonus, read the terms applied to it. If you do not understand anything in the bonus terms, do not hesitate to contact the customer support of the online casino.

Basic bonus terms summary:

  • You can have only one open account.
  • Fill in the registration truthfully. Do not state any false information.
  • You cannot cash out the bonuses immediately. There are certain conditions applied to every bonus (ex. repeated rewinds) which need to be fulfilled. Just then you can withdraw the winnings.
  • You cannot play all online games with bonus. Usually, you are constrained to the games which have allowed bonuses. Some games are strictly forbidden, while others have very unfavourable conditions (very high rewinds).
  • The maximal withdrawal limits are applied to some bonuses. For instance, if you win 100 EUR with a bonus and the threshold is set to 50 EUR, then you can withdraw 50EUR, and the rest will be forfeited.
  • You can receive some bonuses just after inserting a promo code.

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