Why do casinos prohibit multiple accounts at the same time?

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Why do casinos prohibit multiple accounts at the same time?

It is strictly forbidden to have multiple accounts with the same online casino. If a casino finds out that you have opened more than one account with them, they will usually block you or cancel all but one of your accounts. We’ll tell you why multiple accounts are prohibited at an online casino and more about the issue that hides under the term “multi-account” in foreign online casinos in the following text.

What are the reasons why players open multiple accounts?

Different players have different reasons for opening multiple accounts at the same online casino. Some players create a new account because they have forgotten their login details – name, email or password – for their original account.

Other players then create an account because they don’t like their nickname anymore, or because they forget that they have already registered with the online casino. This happens especially in cases where players register for multiple online casinos at the same time.

However, by far the most common reason for opening a new account at an online casino is because of some of the benefits offered, especially the sign-up bonus and the first deposit bonus. By signing up for new and new accounts, players are securing free money for betting, but they don’t realize that they are putting themselves at unnecessary risk.

What is considered as having multiple accounts at once?

In an online casino, players are only allowed to open one account per person. If you open 2 or even more accounts, then this is multiple account ownership, even if the other accounts are registered in a different name, address, etc.

Of course, if you register another account in the name of a real person, such as your wife or mum, then ownership of multiple accounts at once is difficult to prove, although some online casinos also use IP address detection to detect fraudsters.

What is an IP address?

An IP address is something like the exact address of your computer, from which systems connected to the internet can identify you quite easily (or determine that you are logging in from the same place under several accounts, and therefore quite possibly the same person). An IP address is immutable (or hard to change) and completely unique.

How do casinos punish you for having multiple accounts at once?

Of course, they will cancel all non-genuine accounts, i.e. accounts that are not in your exact name or email address. Online casinos can also completely block you for having multiple accounts at once, both by IP address and by your real name and residential address, email, etc.

Casinos can also choose to deduct money you have earned from your player account using bonuses offered to you – whether it is free money for signing up or first deposit bonuses.

Some other procedures are also possible, such as a total account freeze, which can also cause you to lose the money you have deposited with the online casino. This procedure is not very likely, and if casinos use it, they have it written right in the game plan.

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What are the risks of having multiple accounts at the same time?

Apart from the aforementioned risk of online casinos giving you a lifetime ban (i.e. banning you from using your chosen casino), the risk of losing money is worth mentioning. This could be bonus money, i.e. money you have earned, for example, when you signed up.

It may also be money that you have deposited in the casino. And finally, the money you have won thanks to the bonus money, which is the biggest risk of all. Imagine winning a jackpot of several million euros thanks to bonus money and not being able to withdraw it because the account is not in your real name and you don’t know anyone by that name. With this in mind, we recommend that you do everything you can to avoid opening multiple accounts at one online casino.

Setting up multiple accounts at the same time – final summary

The creation of multiple accounts at the same online casino is strictly prohibited, and this is also stated in the Game Plan. Casinos use this to prevent abuse of the bonuses and other benefits offered. If you want to avoid the various prosecutions that casinos are entitled to in case of multiple accounts, do everything you can to avoid this offence. Just using only one email address at a time when setting up accounts with online casinos could help.


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