Gambling: 9+1 information about casino games

Gambling: 9+1 information about casino games

Gambling has been practiced by humans for more than 40,000 years. That’s when our ancestors first rolled the dice, and to this day we still can’t get over the rush of excitement that naturally accompanies gambling. This type of entertainment is still very popular today, and gambling is practiced not only in land based casinos, but also online on the Internet. In this article, we’ll explore what gambling is, what gambling is, and add some other interesting information. If you want to get to the bottom of gambling, read on!

What is gambling?

Gambling includes any activity where we risk our money or anything of value to predict the outcome and still get a chance to win. If our guess is correct, we will win a prize or a multiple of our stake. However, if we are wrong, we will lose our previous bet on the game.

What are the games of chance?

From the definition above, it is more or less clear that gambling includes slot machines, roulette, blackjack, betting on sports, lotteries and scratchcards, or even poker. However, few people know that gambling can also include investing in cryptocurrencies or other forms of investment that are not defined by law in this way but which nevertheless act as gambling.

A precise definition of gambling should surely include a mention that it includes games whose outcome depends on chance or cannot be influenced to such an extent that you can make a long-term profit from gambling.

If you play a game of chance in such a way that the advantage is on your side, then it is not a game of chance but a game of skill. Such games may include poker or sports betting.

Warning. You can also win at games of chance, but only once in a while. In the long run, it is usually the case that you will run out of the casino’s pre-set advantage. And the reverse is also true. If you engage in profitable betting (so-called value betting), then it is quite possible that you will experience some difficulties or losing streaks in the short term. In the long run, however, your advantage will always show.

Slot machines

Slot machines take the biggest bite out of the gambling pie. Compared to other gambling games operated in online casinos, namely roulette, blackjack, video poker, craps, etc., slot machines take up around 70% of the total money spent. And according to available information, the interest in slot machines is growing year on year.

Slot machines are classified according to various parameters. Basically, slot machines are divided according to the number of reels into three-reel slot machines, four-reel slot machines, five-reel slot machines and multi-reel slot machines (also referred to as atypical slot machines).

Further, slot machines can be made according to themes into fruit machines, classic slot machines, joker machines, 81 slot machines, branded slot machines, modern slot machines, high payline slot machines, jackpot slot machines, etc.

Slot machines can also be divided according to manufacturers, by minimum stake or by selected bonus games and symbols (free spins slots, wild symbols slots, etc.).


Roulette is known as the queen of casino games. Roulette consists of a playing board on which players place their bets and a wheel seeded with individual numbers. A ball is thrown on the wheel to determine the winner of a given game.

The original roulette wheel had 36 numbers, but there was no advantage in this distribution of power. People here played with completely balanced rules. Once the casinos adopted roulette into their offerings, they added one or two zeros. While keeping the payout ratio (36:1), this gave the casino a house edge.

A roulette with one zero is referred to as a “European roulette” and a roulette with two zeros as an “American roulette”. From the players’ point of view, it is always preferable to play single-zero roulette, where the house edge is smaller. In general, the more numbers there are in a game at the same payout ratio, the less chance of winning and the lower the long-term payout.

There are various strategies and systems for playing roulette, but most of them can only produce interesting results for a limited period of time. Some roulette systems are quite dangerous, such as Martingale, where you repeatedly bet on a chosen colour, with the expectation that you will double your bet after each loss.


Blackjack is a casino game that originated from a game known as “21”. The object in blackjack is to get closer to the sum of your cards than the dealer does to the sum of 21. If you succeed, you will win a predetermined prize (based on the payout ratio). Otherwise, you lose your bet.

Blackjack in the world is offered in several different variations. These differ from each other based on rules such as the ability to split cards in certain situations, or the insurance offered. With this in mind, you should always check the rules and payout ratios before playing. This is because some backjacks are much more profitable than others due to these factors.

Blackjack became famous mainly because it offered players the opportunity to turn the odds in their favour. This is how the MIT blackjack team became famous, making millions of dollars at one period in Las Vegas. Unfortunately, this team also contributed to casinos turning against professional players.

Blackjack was classified as a purely gambling game when casinos began using more decks of cards for play. With more decks, it is no longer as easy to count cards and thus get into situations and bets that are profitable from the players’ point of view and can bring in long-term profits.

Yet despite all this, there is a betting strategy that significantly increases the chances of winning. This is the so-called “perfect blackjack”. The perfect blackjack strategy was created by computer. This strategy advises you on how to play in each game situation in the best possible way. With this strategy, you can reduce the house edge to almost 0.5%. Unfortunately, even this strategy will not guarantee that you will be in profit in the long run. Moreover, when using this strategy, you should keep an eye on which variant of blackjack you are currently playing. The optimal betting strategy may vary slightly based on this.

Video poker

At first glance, video poker is similar to slot machines because it is also offered in the form of video terminals, but at second glance you will find that the two games are quite different. In video poker, you don’t spin the reels, but you complete familiar poker hands by changing the cards in a line. Then, if you manage to hit a winning hand, you win a prize depending on the rarity of that hand.

Of course, completing each card combination has its own probabilities, and informed players can take advantage of this knowledge. Thus, video poker played by an experienced player will have a much smaller house edge than video poker played by players with no knowledge. In other words, the results in video poker can be greatly influenced, but unfortunately even in this game it is not possible to achieve a long-term advantage.


In this casino game, you roll the dice on a special table. Before the game begins, players place their bets on a board that is similar to the board in blackjack or roulette. They then try to cover their bets with a given roll. If they manage to roll the value they bet on before the game, they win a prize based on the pay table.

The craps have a zero house edge on certain bets. These bets are extremely suitable for using certain mechanical betting systems such as Martingale. However, most craps bets also have a house edge.

A great deal of fraud has been uncovered within casino craps. Some players have attempted to introduce “clinkers”, i.e. poorly balanced dice, into the game. Others have adopted a method of rolling the dice whereby, by correct hand posture and movement, they are able to roll the dice to achieve a predetermined value. Casinos understandably defend against this behaviour. The biggest step in the fight against cheating at craps was the introduction of a rule where players have to throw the dice the full length of the table and bounce them off its wall. This is because in this case it is no longer possible to achieve the value you want. In online casinos, the randomness of each roll is taken care of by the so-called RNG (random number generator).


Lotteries are numerical games in which players try to guess a certain amount of numbers in advance, which will then be drawn from a pool. Depending on the amount of numbers offered, guessed and eventually drawn, lotteries provide certain odds of winning and also payout ratios. Of course, the more numbers you hit and the higher your stake, the bigger the payout you deserve.

Lotteries are basically divided into classic lotteries and quick lotteries. Classic lotteries have draws at most twice a day, while quick lotteries have draws every few minutes throughout the day.

Classic lotteries usually have higher stakes, but you can win bigger prizes. One of the best known classic lotteries is EuroJackpot.

In quick lotteries, smaller stakes may be paid and the prizes are lower. The big advantage of quick lotteries is that the odds of achieving the base prizes are higher. Among the most well-known quick lotteries is Keno.


Scratchcards are also a form of lottery games, but we list them separately because of their different way of playing. Scratchcards are aluminum foil-coated cards that players scratch off to try to find some winning combinations. The winning combinations discovered determine the instant winnings. Winning combinations usually have to come in triplicate.

Scratchcards have recently been sold in online casinos as well, in different variations and at different purchase prices. We recommend that you choose well between scratchcards, as each of the lottery tickets carries different probabilities of winning and of course different prizes.

Sports betting

Sports betting allows you to bet on the outcome of an event, such as the outcome of a sports match or race, or some social, economic, political or statistical event.

Sports betting differs from other typical casino games, because it does not have precise probabilities of winning and payout. Odds can vary from one another, not only based on certain events, but also over time. This creates opportunities for skillful bettors to wager on odds that are favorable. In this way, long-term profits can be made in sports betting.

In order to make a profit in sports betting, it is necessary to accurately determine the probability of a given outcome and then bet at favourable odds. A favourable odds is defined as odds that reflect a lower probability of the outcome than is actually the case.

Of course, knowledge of the conditions, such as player injuries, weather, etc., helps to determine the exact probabilities. Usually, the more detailed information you have about a given event, the more likely you will be able to calculate accurate probabilities.


Poker is a card game in which players compete to see who has the highest hand or who can convince everyone else to fold with his or her bets. In poker, the casino only plays the role of middleman – it deals the cards, for which the players pay a fee, called a “rake”.

The advantage in poker is therefore given to the player who has more skill and ability. Poker is therefore another gambling game that can be seen as a form of investment if you play poker well (which means playing it better or more efficiently than the other players at the table).

Poker had its heyday around 2000, but is currently on the decline. Despite this, it is played by millions of people around the world and provided by hundreds of poker rooms, including online providers.

Old gambling games

Old games of chance include games such as Shells. These games of chance are still played today, but only marginally.

How does a casino make money?

The casino makes money by having the probabilities of winning and paying out on each game set in such a way that players win slightly less than they put into the game. This is known as the house edge.

The house edge of a casino is usually only a few percent. Thus, the casino makes only a few pennies per game in the long run. However, if the bets accumulate, the total profit can also accumulate. Of course, in the short term, anything can happen. In the short term and even in the medium term, players can win and make a profit, but in the really long term (for example, several years of intense gambling) the real probability will find them.

Therefore, it is very important to always play games with the best possible probabilities when playing at an online casino, i.e. with the highest possible payout and the lowest possible house edge. Every casino game contains information about the payback of that game, don’t forget it!

Bookmakers make a lot of money on sports betting in a very similar way – they write odds that are (at least in theory) slightly lower than they should be given the probabilities. This small difference can mean a bookmaker making a profit of 8-10% (in the long run). However, because the bookmaker’s odds are not fixed, there will be players who can make profitable bets in the long run. Then the real advantage lies with the player himself, i.e. it is the player who wins in the long run.

Which casino game is the most profitable?

In order to win the most money, or at least stay in the game as long as possible, you should always choose the most profitable games. The most profitable casino games are determined by the payout, i.e. the return of money to the player.

Payout is indicated as a percentage, and the higher the payout, the more money will come back to you in the long run (the higher the winnings). For example, if the payout is 97%, then for every $100 wagered, $97 will be returned to you. This also means that you lose an average of $3 for every $100 you bet.

The payout in online casinos is usually between 85-95%, depending on the game of interest, of course. Slots usually have the lowest payout, some of them can have a payout for example, the already mentioned 85%. However, the payout varies from game to game, i.e. other slot machines can have as much as 95% payout.

The most advantageous casino games in terms of payout include craps, which offer certain bets where you play without any casino advantage (i.e. the payout is 100% on them in the long run). Another high payout game is blackjack, where you can achieve a return of over 98% if you use optimal strategy. Another great game from a payout perspective is video poker.

As we said, classic poker and sports betting are games that don’t have a fixed payout. In these activities, it always depends on what players you are playing against or what odds you are betting on. In both of these activities, skilled players can bet in such a way that they have a positive payout, i.e. make a profit in the long run.

You can find information about the payout for each game in the online casino or in the Game Plan itself.

Slots with the best payout

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1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars
Dazzll Me
1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars

How to beat the casino?

Leaving aside sports betting and poker, there is no strategy that guarantees people profits from playing casino games in the long run. Fortunately, however, there are at least basic tips and tricks that can help you streamline your gaming and achieve better results overall.

Follow the basics of proper bankroll management. This means not betting everything you have in your gaming account on a single game, but only a portion of that money. It is stated that to make your game as efficient as possible, you should bet no more than 1/100 of the total money you have ready to play on any one game. This amount can vary further depending on the odds you are playing at – the lower the odds of winning a given bet, the smaller the stake should be.

Choose games with the highest payout. The higher the payout of the game, the more money you will make in the long run by playing it.

Use different betting strategies. Of course, we are not only talking about the most famous Martingale strategy, but also about other strategies that could help you adjust the bet amount or the picks themselves in such a way that you will be as successful as possible. This is especially true with the Perfect Blackjack strategy, which advises you on the optimal play in every game situation that arises.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

What types of casino games are there?

The best known casino games include slot machines, roulette, blackjack, craps, baccarat, video poker, poker and sports betting. Some of these games, when played correctly, can also be considered as games of skill, i.e. games that make players a profit in the long run.

Are casino games legal?

Casino games are legal in most countries around the world, but generally only players over 18 years of age should participate.

Is it safe to play in online casinos?

If you play at the online casinos we offer on our site, you don’t have to worry about the security of your sensitive data or your money. On our site, we only recommend proven casinos with a long-standing good reputation.


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